Barbarians can dominate a melee in Diablo 3

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Thanks to their size and strength, barbarians can dominate a melee with nearly any combination of weapon and approach, though they tend towards massive and imposing weaponry. Barbarians are no strangers to the pains of battle, and often fare better in the midst of several opponents, taking and giving cuts, than when attempting to chase down single targets.

Barbarians’ attacks are primarily melee focused. Their quick weapon swings whittle down the number of weaker foes in seconds, while their slower, ground-shaking slams and stomps can send approaching hordes reeling and crack the armor of mightier foes.

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Barbarians are able to make use of weapons in ways that others simply don’t possess the strength for. They wield massive weapons – oversized killing devices that more urbane heroes are barely strong enough to lift, let alone swing. Heavily-muscled barbarians can also dual-wield normal weapons like swords and axes, barraging foes with multiple enchantments and weapon types at once.

Early on in their journey, padded leather provides untested barbarians with basic protection but most enemy attacks will still fall upon their unarmored skin.A greater variety of gear to choose from means that barbarians can shield their vitals with close-faced helms, imposing spikes, and armor plates.Barbarians bedecked in truly heavy armor look more like nightmare visions than humans, and they have the resilience to match.