Battles to capture Diablo and Baal were fierce in Diablo 3

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Tyrael decided to empower a band of mages called the Horadrim. They were tasked to hunt down and contain the 3 prime evils. The first group of Horadrim were small. Some say it was a band of 7 mages while others say 12. They also had assistants and escorts with them. The leader of the pact was named Tal Rasha and was noble and just.

Tyrael created three soulstones, created from the Worldstone itself, that had the power to contain the prime evils. These stones also had tracking abilities. Mephisto was the first to be captured, but at the cost of many lives. Mephisto and the soulstone were hidden in the Temple City of Travincal.The battles to capture Diablo and Baal were fierce.

The Horadrim were forced through cavern in the trail of the two prime evils. At one point, Baal unleashed a force that shattered one of the soulstones and so the Horadrim used the largest fragment to trap his soul. It was unclear how long this fragment would be able to hold Baal. The leader, Tal Rasha, volunteered himself to be a human vessel to contain Baal and wrestle him for all eternity. It was too great of a risk to rely on a broken fragment to hold Baal for all of time.

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Tyrael appeared to Tal Rasha and said "Your sacrifice will be long remembered, noble mage." He then led the men further into the chambers. In these chambers, Tal Rasha was chained to the walls by unbreakable chain as Tyrael jammed the fragment into Tal Rasha's heart. The chamber was sealed with the soul of Baal contained in the body of Tal Rasha.

With the leader of the Horadrim gone, Jered Cain became the new leader. They hunted for Diablo for nearly a decade until he was founded and contained in the third soulstone. The soulstone was then hidden in a cave near the river Talsande. Tyrael ordered the Horadrim to forever guard the sites where the 3 prime evils rest. And so, a new order was made, and the mages were loyal to their duties.