Diablo 3 dynamics and replay the perfect combination

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Worldwide Invitational held on June 28, 2008 in Paris, France 2008Blizzard, announced R & D Diablo 3 and play a game demo screen, barbarian, witch doctor, magician, monk four professional roles. Games for Windows and Mac OS X support platform. The issue date is May 15, 2012. Diablo 3 like its predecessor, is an action role-playing game. Diablo 3 will retain a lot of the original game features, but it focuses on the cooperation and team co-ordination.

Diablo 3's proprietary engine will use Havok physics engine, players can damage the game environment. The development team plans to support a variety of different system combinations, and does not require Windows Vista DirectX 10. Blizzard Entertainment is ready to be published in the same time Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X version is not ready to support the game consoles.

Multiplayer games will use Blizzard own the BN services, many of StarCraft 2 and the development of new features will be applied at the same time Diablo 3. Players can participate at any time to exit the partnership game. Before, the gender of each role is predetermined. Diablo 3, players can choose a role in creating a character both men and women.

The new task system with random layout generator with full replay value to the game. Random encounter system will consolidate its replay value. Overall, the game world will contain random layout with static layout features. The enemy will take advantage of a three-dimensional environment to determine their tactics, such as the enemy to attack players from the depths of the climbing wall.

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Diablo 3 custom 3D graphics engine, through the fine detail and vivid special effects to the performance of the Sanctuary gorgeous indoor and outdoor scenes. Strengthened by the physical game environment will be both interactive and can be destructive, players and monsters set a lot of traps and obstacles that face more risk factors.

Above factors, coupled with a new quest system and random events, will be integrated into the the random checkpoints Builder of the game, giving the Diablo 3 game dynamics and re-play the perfect combination. The game model of cooperation and confrontation mode, will be an upgraded version of Blizzard Entertainment's renowned online gaming service platform BN.