Diablo 3 has a quality level indicated by the color of its name and accompanying text

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You’ll notice another important distinction between items even before you pick them up off the ground or buy them from a merchant. Every item in Diablo III has a quality level, indicated by the color of its name and accompanying text.

Common items are colored white. ypically, they are the weakest items. They have low level requirements and contain few special properties.

Magic items are colored blue.They are uncommon, and they tend to be improved versions of their common counterparts. Magic items always contain at least one special property.

Rare items are colored yellow. These items are tough to find, and there is a good chance that they’ll be extremely useful. Rare items contain multiple special properties, but they need to be identified to reveal those properties.

Set items are colored green. These items are like rare equipment, but with an added bonus: individual pieces are part of a complete set (for example, a sword, shield, and helm), and they provide additional powers when equipped with other items in that set.

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Legendary items are colored orange. These items are the things of myth, and are extremely rare, but immensely powerful. If you are fortunate enough to find one, rejoice!Newly discovered rare, set, and legendary items must be identified to reveal their properties. You can do this by right-clicking on the item in your inventory.

Beyond straightforward attribute bonuses, there are other properties available on equipment: weapons that leech the life of monsters, boots that increase your movement speed, armor that improves your rate of health regeneration, and many more mysterious abilities.