Excitement and progress are at the root of the Diablo 3

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Novelty is a fancy term for "New". Humans are drawn to novelty as it is exciting to see new sites and ideas. This helps the brain further understand the world, incorporate new ideas, and further its chance for survival. It is arguable that Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 were completely unique and novel games. Diablo one had a level system in place with gear slots and such that had never really been seen before.

Humans are not loners, like most of the creatures in the wild. We depend on one another and operate in groups. The reason for this is that humans have a better chance to improve their physical and emotional well-being while being around others. It boils down to survival. With this being said, one can only imagine the horrors prisoners face in solitary confinement. So, with this being said, Diablo offers a rich environment for socializing, questing, and trading with other people. This fulfills the desire to be amongst others and socialize.

In simple terms, excitement, novelty, socializing, and progress are at the root of the Diablo series, thereby making it one of the best games in history. The only down side to this is the occasional school dropout or relationship issues occurring due to hours upon hours of play.

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The very positive aspect is that the mind's desires get fulfilled, thereby recharging and energizing the player to perform better in life as a whole.This goes against what media tells us, but only the science of psychology understands this phenomenon.