How about your viewpoint of Items sinks and Gold sinks in Diablo 3 Economy

diablo3goldmmo Date: Dec/12/13 10:16:30 Views: 731

Recently, the Diablo 3 designer Travis Day talk about the idea of D3 items could be upgradeable and would become non-tradeable in the process when he interviewed by Diablo Domepage. Meanwhile, Travis Day express that another way to take out the wealth is the gold sinks. However, facing the inflation of Auction House, Blizzard tends to take action to balance the terrible economy.

Sounds interesting? In other words, you can upgrade you weapon through Blacksmith or other access. It would be wonderful to modify your weapon by youself. Meanwhile, to introduce the cool things collect gold and make our economy environment more reasonable. We have shared this news with players in FACEBOOK Community. Some players indicate that this would be great idea to cycle Diablo 3 Gold. How about your opinion? Why not participate in our discussion?

Quite Agree with this idea. As you see, we are glad to see there is something new would be introduced by Blizzard. This topic about Item sinks and gold sinks is great! One of our clients said: Great topic they'r talking about, money will worth a lot more, with a higher demand! The cycle will generate higher search for gold. Do you agree with it? For my personal viewpoint, that price of items in Diablo 3 is crazy. If Blizzard can make it more comfortable would be great for most of players. In addition, the items upgraded and stop trade anymore has strong attraction for us. I’m looking forward this adjustment in the future!

None of my business. I'm disappointed at Diablo III and feel boring to farm gold and items everyday. I have decided to away from this game and try new one. As for now, Diablo 3 is not my taste ay more. The interesting festival events and enormous guild in online game would attract me addict to playing.

Looking forward the improvemnet! Maybe this idea is a great way to make Diablo 3 better. As we all know, this game always room for improvement. Since it release last year, the developer try them best to collect the player’s suggestion to make game funny and attractive. For me, I enjoy the item system now. To craft items ourself is interesting and meaningful. What would happen in the future? I’m looking forward it!