I'm still waiting for Diablo 3 to come out

diablo3goldmmo Date: Dec/12/13 10:38:10 Views: 387

All i see is disrespect. i won't lay my opinion on how the game actually turned out, but regardless of how you feel about the finished product, you shouldn't be insulting the actual designers.

they tried their absolute hardest. jay wilson worked on this game for years, he put his soul into it, and just because the game didn't turn out how YOU wanted it, doesn't mean you have the right to disrespect him, or anyone else on the d3 team.

it's disgraceful that you people would even consider insulting the very people who brought you the third installment to the diablo series. you'd all still be playing diablo 2, lamenting how a 3rd never came about, if it weren't for the d3 team. i don't care if you didn't like the game, you need to be happy that it exists in the first place.diablo 3 gold.

Interesting... I'm still waiting for Diablo III to come out. 

Sure I play this game for what it is... I've given up on this team to figure out what a sequel to the Diablo series should be, they'll never figure it out. They've had more than enough time and still screwed it up...

Alas it is what it is, maybe they'll improve upon this game, maybe they won't... I truly don't care since I've made back what I paid for the game and then some on the rmah. My only complaint is that they cater to the crybabies and continue to nerf what shouldn't be.

I know you're trolling, but I refuse to call this game what it ISN'T ... a sequel to the Diablo series.