Must pay attention to Monster Resistances in Diablo 3

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Powerful creatures are resistant to control–impairing effects like stun and slow also referred to as “crowd control” abilities, and their resolve only grows stronger in higher difficulty levels.

Resistances are generally straightforward – they reduce the effectiveness of the skill used by the percentage given. For example, a skill that would normally stun a creature for 5 seconds will only stun a champion monster on Nightmare difficulty (50% stun resistance) for 2.5 seconds.

Creatures with resistances to certain ability types also have minimum thresholds that have to be met before the abilities have any effect. For example, if a boss on Hell difficulty (70% stun resistance) is subject to a 1.5 second stun, it would be reduced to 0.45 seconds – which is below the boss’s minimum stun threshold of 0.5 seconds – and thus be completely ignored. If you attempt to knockback that same boss and can't hit it over 21 yards, it won't budge an inch.


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Movement and attack speed reductions (also referred to as “ER” or “effectiveness reduction”) modify the magnitude of the effect, not its duration. For example, a 60% movement speed slow used against a champion in Inferno will be reduced by 40%, for a 36% movement speed slow effect. Consult the chart below for details.