Mysticism is the study of science and magic in Diablo 3

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As millennia passed, the nephalem slowly lost their powers until they were mere mortals. The angels and demons faded from consciousness. As humans populated the world, they set forth collecting knowledge from the far corners of the Sanctuary.

The druidic followers of Vasily retreated into the northern forests of Scosglen. The priest from the cult of Rathma settled in a city beneath the eastern jungles. Esu witches continued to study magic. All across Sanctuary, evolving cultures and civilizations formed and embraced their own explanations for the universe. Two of the most popular views were mysticism and faith.

Mysticism is the study of science and magic. It is the belief that man should be the master of his own destiny. On the other hand, faith is the belief that man must put his trust in powers beyond mortal understanding to determine his fate and establish ethical and moral guidelines to live by.

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Magic in all its forms was studied and formalized in distinct schools and disciplines. These schools evolved into mage clans. Schools focused on either enchantment and transmutation of matter or illusion and manipulation of reality. Eventually Al'Raqish, or Mage Council, was formed to rule alongside the kingdom's monarchy and its powerful guilds.

Only the highest-ranking members of the Triune knew the truth. They helped lure in unsuspecting initiates and practice fiendish acts of torture on them for the perverse thrill of the prime evil masters. This religion was led by Lucion, the son of Mephisto.The prime evils kept Sanctuary a secret from as many lesser demons as they could.