Nephalem be destroyed to thwart any unwanted attention in Diablo 3

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The first generation of nephalem were called the ancients. They, like humans, explored and question their existence. Bul-Kathos, an ancient, was renown for his immense strength, size, bravery, and fortitude. He is revered to this day by the barbarians who settled in Mount Arreat.

Bul-Kathos had a younger brother named Vasily who struck out into the wilderness and developed a love for nature. Some believe that Vasily's descendants are the Druids.

Another nephalum, Esu, a women drawn to power and ferocity of the elements, gained master over the powers of storm, earth, fire, and water through intense meditation. Ages later, her followers would rise as the feared sorceresses of Kehjistan.

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Rathma, a legendary nephalum, sought solitary and studied the cycle of life and death and taught it to his followers; the necromancers. He is known as having great balance between the light and the dark.

Angels and demons of Sanctuary saw that the nephalem were far powerful than they. They feared these powerful demi-gods would draw attention from the heavens and hell from which they hid. Remember, that both heaven and hell looks at this marriage as blasphemy and would destroy them if found. Demon renegades, at this point, wanted the nephalem to be destroyed to thwart any unwanted attention, but the angels wanted them spared.