Pokemon GO Plus Goes Live on Sep. 16 & Costs around $35 Online

diablo3goldmmo Date: Sep/08/16 15:49:37 Views: 528

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Go Plus will be available next Friday. After connecting your smart device over Bluetooth, this companion device can help trainers catch Pokemons without taking out the phone. But without 100% catch rate, you can order rare pokemons on pokemonbux.

The appearance and functions of Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Account Plus is a standalone peripheral. People need to collect Andriod devices over Bluetooth Ver. 4.0 or higher. Lay the functions aside. Only for its appearance, this device itself has a high view value. It is like a drop in shape and a crystal in design. You can pin it on your lapel or wear like a bracelet.
For the function, Pokémon GO Plus, as a companion device, can connect to your phone over Bluetooth Smart, and help you catch the Pokemons without looking at your phone’s screen all the time.

How to use Pokemon Go Plus to catch Pokemons?

The release of Pokemon Go Plus aims to offer all trainers a more convenient way to capture Pokemons. So once you pass by a Pokemon, or there is nearby Pokemon hiding in your area, you will be alerted with lights and vibrations. You can catch the Pokemon with a button on Pokemon GO Plus.
But there is not a 100% rate to catch pokemons. If you want to get some rare pokemons, you can place order on pokemonbux, and we can complete it for you as soon as possible.

Pokemon GO Plus will hit the shelves on September 16, 2016 in most countries and later in South American territories. It will cost around $35 online. More features on the companion device will be revealed on pokemonbux in future. Besides, pokemonbux also offers cheap Pokemon Go Accounts StarDust with big off. Have fun!