The Creation of Sanctuary of Diablo 3

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At one point, Inarius arranged a meeting with the demoness Lilith. Lilith rebelled against her father, Mephisto, the Lord of Hate, who conveniently hated his own children. For the first time ever, an angel and a demon put there differences aside and joined forces on common ground. More incredible than that, Inarius and the demon Lilith fell in love. This alliance not only altered the course of war, but altered the reality of all existence.

Inarius and his new companions altered the frequency or dimensional alignment of the Worldstone, using its power to conceal it from the angels and demons still fighting the Eternal Conflict. They shifted the massive crystal into a pocket dimension, and there they shaped a garden paradise around it: a world of refuge they would call Sanctuary.

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It is still unknown how Inarius accomplished this feat. But it is known that the Eternal Conflict briefly came to a grinding halt over the Worldstone's disappearance. In fact, angels and demons suspected one another of stealing it until they realized their opponents were just as confused as they.

It is believed that Inarius shaped Mount Arreat as a protective shell around Worldstone until Tyrael destroyed the sacred crystal and much of Mount Arreat surrounding it.