The Mage Clan Wars in Diablo 3

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After the Sin Wars, the kingdom started anew. Mage clans once again took control and humanity learned to never again summon demons into the mortal world. They wanted heaven and hell to stay out of mortal affairs. The three major mage clans were the Vizjerei, the Ennead, and the Ammuit. The Vizjerei once again was the most popular of the three.

This time, the Vizjerei were under careful watch as they were responsible for once summoning demons into the world. Mage clans continued to grow, further suppressing popular religions. The Al'Raqish, or the Mage Council, enjoyed great power in this time and had great influence over the Monarchy. It was, once again, a good time in history as civilizations flourished. Unfortunately, the Vizjerei would once again imperil humankind.

It was only 2 nights ago that five high-ranking Vizjerei conjurers were overhead in the deepest recesses of the Yshari Sanctum, chanting incantations and conducting what could only have been a ritual of summoning. A small tremor was felt soon after, followed by the sound of throat-rending screams. Where five conjurers had entered, only three emerged hours later.

It goes without saying that these activities are unacceptable. The Vizjerei have disregarded multiple warnings and are clearly revisiting past sins, setting them on a course that will result in the destruction of all that have labored to build. Measure are being taken on our side. The Vizjerei will soon lie in a bed of their own making.

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A small battle erupted in the Al'Raqish resulting in the deaths of officials from all three clans. Opposing clan members than stormed the Vizjerei academy murdering every mage inside and destroying the entire academy. The Mage Clan Wars had begun.

Civil war had begun. Bartuc had the upper hand. The entire city of Viz-jun was leveled as Horazon fought back fiercely. Hundreds of thousand were killed. After it was all said and done, Horazon was victorious over his brother. But at this point, the agents of hell were roaming Sanctuary and Horazon was in fear. Horazon created a secret hideout called the Arcane Sanctuary.

These events ended the ruling of the mage clans. Mages were now hated and executed on sight. The age of magic was now replaced with the age of faith. All of the mages findings were destroyed and magic was outlawed.