The Sin War in Diablo 3

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Inarius was said to wander the world in grief for ages after the massacre of his comrades. He watched humanity as it went through its challenges and even favored mortals, since humans were of no threat. Inarius immediately recognized the true nature of the Triune religion. He feared for his own safety and of his adopted children should heaven become aware of their existence.

Inarius decided to create his own religion to counter the Triune. He revealed himself as a prophet and founded a gospel based on tolerance, cooperation, and unity. He soon became famous for his youthful physical perfection and spread his influence across the lands. This Cathedral of Light would lead to competition with the Triune which would lead to the Sin War.

Originally, the Sin War was a competition between the Triune and the Cathedral of Light over the hearts and minds of the humans. Both sides had great success in their attempts by building bases of power, monuments, and gaining followers. A human by the name of Uldyssian would rise to not only challenge both religions, but the bring an end to the Sin War through a chain of events that would shake the foundations of both heaven and hell.

When Uldyssian was a small boy, he discovered his nephalem powers while defending a woman named Lylia from a priest representing the Cathedral of Light. He also learned that he could wake nephalem powers in others. He preached his own gospel from town to town while putting down both religions. His and his followers powers grew and they became known as teh edyrem (those who have seen). Eventually, his powers grew beyond those of any other human.

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Lylia, the woman saved in the village, was soon to be revealed to be the demoness Lilith, daughter of Mephisto, returned from exile. Lilith was responsible for awakening the nephalem powers in Uldyssian. Lilith wanted to banish Inarius and the agents of the Burning Hells from Sanctuary. Lilith was discovered for her true demonic self and once again vanished.