To get the most use out of your skills in Diablo 3

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To get the most use out of your skills, you should place them in your action bar. You can do this by opening your Skills menu (default key “S”) and clicking on the skills you’d like to use. Your skills will be automatically assigned to a number key on your keyboard or a button on your mouse.

You can use any skill in your action bar by clicking on the icon or by pressing the corresponding number key or mouse button. To target a monster with an attack skill, make sure it’s highlighted (hover your mouse over the monster), then press the key or mouse button that corresponds to the skill you want to use.

If you’re successful, the foe you’ve set your sights on should melt away into a ruin of smoking flesh and burnt blood. Well done.

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Skill runes are a means to customize your skills beyond their basic powers. Beginning at level 6, you’ll start unlocking runes for your skills, allowing you to drastically modify their functions. For example, you might increase the range or duration of a particular skill or change it so that it sends enemies flying away (where previously it only did damage). A skill that you once had to carefully aim at a group of foes might now seek them automatically.

You can access your skill runes in the Skills menu. After selecting the skill you’d like to use, you’ll see a list of the runes below it: just choose an unlocked skill rune you’d like to apply. You can only apply one rune to a skill at a time.

To experiment with the full list of Diablo III’s skills and runes, try out the Skill Calculator.