To improve multiplayer games in the 1.08 patch

diablo3goldmmo Date: Dec/12/13 10:40:13 Views: 570

1.08 patch added a function called "mismatched tag" for the public games. This new system works is very simple: In addition to selecting the difficulty of the task, and monster strength outside, the player can also select the type of game you want to find a definition of its label. In the PTR testing services, this tag will be divided into tasks, all clear the whole screen scene, hunting keys, and PVP. Select one of the labels, the matching service system will put you other options to the same label players a team. 

The goal of this change is to make it easier for players to find their personal style of the game team, or enjoy the best experience in these type of games we offer. We will assess these labels on the PTR testing service, if you have any new label recommendations, please do not hesitate to let us know as soon as possible! 

Monster Lives: The version now, every additional player will make the monster a 70% increase in the value of life, and in the 1.08 version will be reduced to 50%. This means that in a public game with two players, the monsters of the value of life will be 150% of the single-player game. In three games, the value of their life will be 200%. In four games, they will have 250% of the value of life (compared to 310%). 

This will serve as further compensation for the lack of efficiency of the cooperation game. In the ideal case, with a the equipment slightly worse than your players with the team, but also make you feel more efficient than the single-player game. Even if a player in a team of four to temporarily leave the computer (can not be avoided, this sort of thing often happens), you will still have a greater advantage than the game alone. 

Multiplayer games Bonus: a lot of players have found that if you can and team collaboration will be more efficient. Indeed, but we think could be better, so we will further increase the reward to multiplayer gamers. 

We still perfect details of the effect of the gain, but now the idea is for each additional one player in the team, the team will bring an additional 10% Experience gains, in a four-person cooperative game, everyone will be 30% experience bonus. The experience bonus and monster strength to bring the experience bonus will be calculated multiplication. For example: if you are in purgatory strength in the single-player game, monster strength will bring you 510% experience bonus, which means that each monster will have experience of 610% (510%). The same circumstances if you are in a four-person team, the monster will provide 793% of the experience. In addition, for each additional game a teammate, you will get 10% of the GF and 10% of MF, and these awards can exceed 300% GF and MF Caps.