Vitality attribute dictates how much Life in Diablo 3

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While you make every effort to dispatch and dismember your foes, they’ll be doing the same to you. If a monster hits you, your Life represented in the red globe on the bottom left of your screen will be reduced.

Your Vitality attribute in conjunction with any passive skills or vitality-boosting gear you're using dictates how much Life you have. You can recover lost Life quickly by snatching up health globes dropped by slain monsters.

Walk over a health globe and you along with any nearby allies will receive a small portion of healing. More dangerous foes will drop more potent, larger health globes. There are other ways to recover Life: some equipment and skills increase your regeneration rate, and certain friendly characters and allies can restore you to full Life both in and out of combat, but health globes are by far the most common way to heal yourself.

When your Life gets dangerously low, you’ll see a red halo encompass your screen: that’s a sign that you need to escape from battle, heal, or both. When the red globe is empty, you’re dead.

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The chance of health globes dropping–and precisely when they’ll drop during a battle–is tied to the type of monster you’re fighting. The triangles in monsters’ health bars represent points where they might drop a globe, so keep your eyes peeled to predict when you’re likely to get a lifesaving infusion of health.
Normal monsters: chance to drop a health globe on death varies by monster type.
Champion monsters: 60% chance to drop a health globe at 50% life and on death.
Rare monsters: 100% chance to drop a health globe at 50% life and on death.