Which stays in your inventory until you sell or discard it in Diablo 3

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In addition to your equipment, which stays in your inventory until you sell or discard it, you'll also come across consumable items that will help you survive. Some of these items can be purchased, while others are rare and must be found. Here are a few examples of these limited-use items:

Potions are mystical draughts that provide you with quick healing, restoring a portion of your Life determined by their power level. There are many types of health potions, and weaker potionswill provide you with a smaller boost than more potent ones.

The powerful magic of potions prevents them from being consumed in rapid succession; after drinking a potion, you must wait for a cooldown period before using another one.

Dyes are used to change the color of your armor. A single dye bottle corresponds to one armor slot, so you'll need to acquire several bottles in order to completely change the color of your gear.

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Pages and tomes help artisans delve into the secrets of their craft, allowing them to produce amazing new items. They are available in advanced difficulties, but aren't required for crafting in Normal difficulty.

Gems are valuable and rare stones that litter the world. Once found, they can be set into equipment with sockets, providing a variety of benefits, including increased elemental damage and resistances, increased chance to find magic items, armor bonuses, and more. The higher quality a gem is, the more powerful its effects: chipped gems provide minor benefits, while the damage bonus of a flawless gem can rival the damage of the weapon it is set in. For more information about the effects of gems, see the Jeweler recipes section of this site.