You will notice significant changes in Diablo 3

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The world is out in battle, between people, between nature and etc. War is the most prominent battle between people present. Along with the changes of The Times, the struggle between people is more and more big harm.

The emergence of virtual game, can to a certain extent, make the person's mood to get out.Here the trust of platform, welcome to enter to meet Buy Diablo 3 gold.Once you complete Diablo III on Normal difficulty and move to a higher difficulty, you'll notice significant changes.

Life Steal

The effectiveness of the Life Steal affix – which restores your Life by a percentage of the damage you deal – is reduced in advanced difficulties, as shown:

Nephalem Valor

Once you've reached level 60, defeating certain enemies grants you a temporary boost to your abilities called Nephalem Valor. This lasts 30 minutes, persists through death, and stacks with other Nephalem Valor buffs up to five times. Each Nephalem Valor buff provides a 15% increase to the Magic and Gold Find statistics, as well as experience gained towards Paragon levels. Characters who’ve reached the maximum of 300% Magic and Gold Find can add another 75% with five stacks of Nephalem Valor, for a total of 375%.
In addition to bonuses to magic and gold find, an active Nephalem Valor buff grants one extra drop (one additional piece of random loot) from certain bosses for each stack of the buff that you have.

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